As for Tanyapuet Permpoonsup Co.,Ltd  quality is a firm and uncompromising commitment. We believe Excellence quality product forms the base and core for the success of any company. We follow the below mentioned norms to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • From the initial stage of procurement to the final stage of packing and storing high standards of quality and hygiene are maintained throughout.
  • Strict measures of quality control are applied right at the stage of raw material procurement to ensure high quality finished product.
  • All the products are delivered as per the agreed specifications - norms of quality.
  • Uniform quality and consistency is maintained for all consignments.



Tanyapuet Permpoonsup Co.,Ltd , our vision is to become global leading Brand of rice for retail and wholesale sectors through offering customer excellent quality products and services and also to be a part of success for all our partners.


Tanyapuet Permpoonsup Co.,Ltd, In order to achieve our vision, we commit our persistent efforts to deliver1 Excellence Quality Product. 2 Outstanding Customer Service 3 Reasonable Price 4 On Time Delivery 5 To control the quality to be fit to the consumer in the region 6 To do the best in providing service to the customer for the highest satisfaction 7 To globalize ANGEL RICE 8 To build up a strong network among customers and other food supplier.

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